Cecilia在香港出生長大,6歲開始接受現代舞和hip hop訓練。從戲劇表演,音樂劇表演,到泳隊,Cecilia 從小喜歡四處走動。


2017年,她成為Xpert 認證的鋼管舞導師。Ceciila 的課程總是充滿樂趣。她鼓勵學生在無壓力的環境下學習。



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cecilia started dancing at the age of 6, training in contemporary and hip hop.

She has been active all her life, from theatre performances, musicals on stage, to competitive swimming team, Cecilia loves moving around. She started her pole training in 2011 and has been teaching pole dancing since 2016, She is also a certified Xpert pole instructor since 2017.

Cecilia’s class is always fun. Students are encouraged to learn in a pressure-free safe zone. Other than learning techniques, Cecilia wishes that all her classes enable her students to look within themselves and embrace their sensuality.


Pole danceSexy Chair dance

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